We're a family owned business that started over 40 years ago in the beautiful kent countryside.

This is where the idea of ‘scoop your own’ frozen food began. We started off selling loose frozen fruit and vegetables, providing our customers with the very best quality produce all year round and in the exact quantity they needed – simple!

We realised there was so much more delicious frozen food that would delight our customers so over the years we’ve expanded our range (of loose, frozen products) to include delicious pastries and desserts, frozen fish lines and individual meal makers, all carefully selected and easy to prepare straight from the freezer.

Here at fieldfare, we are passionate about the following things:

Providing great quality, convenient and tasty frozen food.

Giving our customers the choice to buy what they want, and not more than they need.

Reducing food waste and unnecessary packaging and encouraging customers to do the same.

Our journey continues as we pride ourselves on offering you choice, convenience and great tasting food that you can fill your freezer with and use when you choose! You can find our range of products in farm shops, delis, garden centres, butchers and selected retailers around the UK.

No faff


Great meals start with great ingredients. At Fieldfare, sourcing and selecting the very best ingredients and produce is something we think we’re pretty good at. We’re meticulous about not only ensuring the best quality and taste, but also making sure we’re using sustainable ingredients.

Want to know the (not so secret) recipe that makes Fieldfare feel good? Well, it’s all about (helping) you!

Your families, your to-do lists, your tummies and your freezers! We like choice and we think you do too. You know what you want, you know what you like to eat or create, and we know that by offering you the choice of high quality, loose or individually portioned frozen food, you can take as much as you want, but not more than you need. (We just ask that you swap some of our yummy food for some of your shiny money!) The other thing that makes us feel good is being nice to this planet we all live on. We want to provide great food whilst making sure that all the humans involved, and our lovely planet are as happy as can be.

Here are some of the ways in which we achieve this:

We don’t use packaging or plastic unless we have to and we know this is important to you too.

We chose frozen as one of the main benefits of frozen food is that it has a long shelf-life. This means it can be kept safely in your freezer until you need it helping to reduce food waste.

We carefully select our products and will always ensure they have responsibly sourced ingredients.

It’s a simple recipe but one that we follow meticulously with the hope of producing a fantastic batch of tasty happiness.

Giving you delicious, high-quality frozen food with minimal waste and packaging possible

We are big believers in reducing unnecessary food waste. That’s why our unique pick-your-own system gives customers the choice to take as much as they want but not more than they need.

We only choose the best-quality products. Frozen is nature’s natural preservative, it locks in freshness so we can give you delicious, high quality food all year round without you having to worry about short use by dates.

We don’t believe in using plastic unless we have to – we’ve still got lots to do but you won’t find any of our food in packaging unless it has to be.

Supporting british farmers

We’re a big fan of farms. We work from one, which is nice, and we have really strong links to the fantastic farm shop community across the UK. This special retail community has always been a big part of our business. We continue to have a great relationship with them and will always support the British farming community. We’re council members of the Farm Retail Association (FRA) and proud sponsors of the Rising Star Farm Shop of the Year awards….like we said, big farm fans!


We donate any short-dated frozen stock to two charities – Fare Share and Real Junk Food.